Frequently asked questions!

The below questions are extracted from our customer correspondence. Please review them for additional information and if you have other questions do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Company brief history
The activity began with two travel guides providing short tours in Romania in 2010 and the activity blossomed as more tourists were interested in their tours. They started a travel agency and received the Tourism License from the Ministry of Tourism.

2. Office location
We have one office in the capital city - Bucharest and two international representatives: one in the United Kingdom and the other in the United States of America.

3. Company future goals
Our future goals are growth and expansion. We plan to create more fascinating tours in Romania, to hire more travel specialists and to be able to receive more tourists.

4. What are your main products/services/operations (now and expected in the future)?
Our main products are several types of tours: historical and cultural, rural and wildlife, team-buildings and adventure, senior tours, spa and sea escapes, private and tailor-made tours. We can also create tours upon demand. We offer transportation and accommodation, driver services, tour guides and customer support.

5. Why should a tourist choose your agency for a holiday in Romania?

We consider we can provide the highest quality travel services a Romanian tour operator can offer and also at the most competitive prices.

Our team consists of people who first of all love tourism and are passionate about their country. When we present ourselves in front of our customers we believe we represent Romania and we do our best to make our country proud and to help tourists have an authentic Romanian experience and leave with unforgettable memories.

6. What are the departure dates?
The departure dates of our tours are chosen by our clients. Since our tours are entirely private, the clients going on the tour decide the dates, according to their own preference.

7. Where do the trips start?
The best way to arrive is Bucharest (Otopeni International Airport). Usually all our tours start in Bucharest, but if you need to be picked up from a neighbor country as Bulgaria or Hungary we can assist you with that.

8. I am interested in one of your tours, but I would like to make a few changes to the itinerary. Is it possible?
Yes. One of the major advantages you have by choosing one of our tours is that they are customizable. You can make changes to a tour, join two tours together, or just tell us about the places you want to see and we will make a customized tour for you.

9. I reviewed the hotels listed on the itinerary page of the tour I am interested in, and I would like to change some of them. Is it possible?
Yes, you can choose the hotels that you like best. We can offer a higher class hotel, or if you are on a budget, we can also offer cheaper accommodation options.

10. Regarding meals, why is only breakfast included in most of the tours?
In order to ensure maximum flexibility throughout your trip, meals are usually planned on route. Having meals included means that you would have to be on a certain time, at a specific place just so you don’t miss a meal you paid for. Being on a private tour it is highly possible that you wish to spend more time than planned at one of the sights or maybe you see a restaurant that you find appealing and wish to try their dishes. Don't worry Romanians love food and you can find great places to eat in any location.

11. Is it possible to make changes of the itinerary during the tour? Can we include a location that was not initially on the itinerary?
Changes during the tour can be done to a certain extent. You can always choose to skip a meal or a sight, or swap for a totally different sight altogether. You can also add a new sight or location on the itinerary as long as time will allow it and the location is at reasonable distance.

Major alterations of itinerary that imply hotel reservation changes are subject to rooms availability. Please note that in the case of last minute hotel cancellations, hotels charge penalties that can be up to 100% of the reservation cost. Additional costs generated by on-tour changes will be billed separately.

12. Do you offer insurance?
No, but we recommend to all of our customers to carry a medical & travel insurance that would cover any health-related costs that might occur during the trip.

13. How do you define the term 'Sustainable Tourism'?
We practice responsible tourism and we will always make sure that we do not cause any damages to our beautiful destinations so future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy them as well.

As we mentioned above we promote local businesses and products, we respect the environment by taking walking and hiking tours in certain natural areas so we do not disturb or affect the ecosystem, we have transportation vehicles that have low emissions. We also inform tourists as much as possible about local culture, politics and economy.